Ferias de Salamanca – an unforgettable week

Written by Admin on September 20th, 2011

Feria de díaSalamanca´s most important festivity of the year is the place to be. The Ferias have a religious history but actually, the event is just an occasion to celebrate and have fun. Feel the Spanish spirit and do not miss the next “Ferias”

People in Salamanca celebrate the most important week-long event in honours of the city´s patron “La virgen de la Vega” on the 8th of September. This day is a public holiday, so that every “Salmantino” can join in and of course enjoy de free day.

One of the concerts in "Plaza Mayor"

It might sound like a calm and religious festival, but actually, it`s exactly the opposite.

The street festival begins with fireworks, which lights the night sky. It seems like the whole city comes to watch and marvel at it, which is really nice.

Take a drink and someting to eat

Take a drink and someting to eat

The famous casetas, where you can buy the “Tapas of the Feria” with drink for only 1,80-2,20€, can be found all-round the city. The “casetas” (boothes) are arranged at close quarters near the restaurants. They all have their own “Tapas of the Feria”, which is a speciality from the restaurant.

There are a wide and miscellaneous program for young and old people, with shows, concerts, attractions, bullfights etc. The atmosphere in the streets is amazing, especially in the evening with the illuminated old buildings. This will note that Salamanca is gorgeous and unique city.

The concerts in the evening at the great Plaza Mayor are free and here you have all kinds of music as well, e.g. Pop from the 80-ies, celtic and modern electronic music, but also music from ireland and classical music.

All in all, the Ferias are a wonderful experience for young and old people, the atmosphere is very easy and hilarious and when the week is over, the participants first have to recreate, but after that they are already waiting for the next year.

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