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Written by Admin on November 3rd, 2010

Films in SalamancaDuring the next 2 weeks, You will can enjoy in Salamanca the 27 festival of Films & Languages. A selection of current movies in original version with subtitles in Spanish , took the opportunity to learn Spanish into a cinema!
All this thanks to the Official Language School of Salamanca and Dick Van cinemas, good job!

this is the 27 edition of the language week

It’s movie time!!!

 – ‘27 semana de CINE E IDIOMAS’ original version with Spanish subtitles

From 8th to 25th November 2010 ‘cines van dyck’ offers a wide range of movies in their original language like English, French, Italian and German… with Spanish subtitles.

Individual price 5 €, 10 € for 3 movies,
15 € for 5 movies, 20 € for 8 movies.

Timetable: 17:30 h, 20:10 h, 22:45 h

Individual price 5 €, 10 € for 3 movies, 15 € for 5 movies, 20 € for 8 movies.

Film Language Date Film Poster
Looking for Eric (Buscando a Eric) English, French 8/11/2010 Looking for Eric
Le Hérisson (El erizo) French 9/11/2010 Le hérisson
Scusa ma ti chiamo amore (Perdona si te llamo amor) Italian 10/11/2010 Scusa ma ti chiamo amore
The Last Station (La última estación) English 11/11/2010 The last Station
Soul Kitchen (Soul Kitchen) German 15/11/2010 Soul Kitchen
Inglourious Bastards(Malditos bastardos) German, English, French, Italian 16/11/2010 Inglourious Bastards
Estômago (Estómago) Portuguese 17/11/2010 Estômago
A Single Man (Un hombre soltero) English 18/11/2010 A Single Man
La tête en friche(Mis tardes con Margueritte) French 22/11/2010 La tête en friche
The Ghost Writer (El escritor) English 23/11/2010 The Ghost Writer
An Education (An education) English 24/11/2010
Das weisse Band (La cinta blanca) German 24/11/2010 Das weisse Band

For further information like dates… have a look at

Or download here:

the brochure of the language week

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