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Ferias de Salamanca – an unforgettable week

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

People in Salamanca celebrate the most important week-long event in honours of the city´s patron “La virgen de la Vega” on the 8th of September. This day is a public holiday, so that every “Salmantino” can join in and of course enjoy de free day.

One of the concerts in "Plaza Mayor"

It might sound like a calm and religious festival, but actually, it`s exactly the opposite.

The street festival begins with fireworks, which lights the night sky. It seems like the whole city comes to watch and marvel at it, which is really nice.

Take a drink and someting to eat

Take a drink and someting to eat

The famous casetas, where you can buy the “Tapas of the Feria” with drink for only 1,80-2,20€, can be found all-round the city. The “casetas” (boothes) are arranged at close quarters near the restaurants. They all have their own “Tapas of the Feria”, which is a speciality from the restaurant.

There are a wide and miscellaneous program for young and old people, with shows, concerts, attractions, bullfights etc. The atmosphere in the streets is amazing, especially in the evening with the illuminated old buildings. This will note that Salamanca is gorgeous and unique city.

The concerts in the evening at the great Plaza Mayor are free and here you have all kinds of music as well, e.g. Pop from the 80-ies, celtic and modern electronic music, but also music from ireland and classical music.

All in all, the Ferias are a wonderful experience for young and old people, the atmosphere is very easy and hilarious and when the week is over, the participants first have to recreate, but after that they are already waiting for the next year.

Salamanca’s Gastronomy, The special taste of Spain

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Eating is much more than just feeding yourself

The Spanish wine is highly regarded internationally

This has been particularly evident in recent times, when new voices have made themselves heard, new chefs demanding cuisine that is innovative, but far from the world of physics and chemistry. This is a type of cuisine that looks at eating in a different way, that has nothing to do with sybaritism and holds strong links with the earth and its rhythms, is related to mankind and its requirements, and where scenery, people and company are alI crucial.

And this is where Salamanca truly comes into its own. It has a larder that is the envy of many, with top quality, own-name raw materials, Ientils, cherries, cereals, cheeses, wines, honey… as well as the Ibérico pork and Guijuelo names, renowned all over. And don’t forget the great spreads the area lays on, with a traditional range that is increasingly measured and balanced, full of flavours and little delicacies and an innovative range based on our highly interesting and surprising raw materials.

In Spain, ham is a delicacy

A stroll through Salamanca’s gastronomy

The ingredients come from agriculture and livestock

Salamanca´s gastronomy also offers urban and natural landscapes that are packed fulI of beauty, peace and history, alI forming part of the pleasure of eating. And let’s not forget the people, with a special sense of celebration and representation, which also have their part to play in the area’s gastronomy. In Salamanca, one thing is clear: eating is much more about just feeding yourself.

When we speak of food from Salamanca, we refer to all those things that the earth gives to humans, allowing them to survive and develop their lives over time. Almost alI food from Salamanca is a result of two human tasks: agriculture and livestock farming.

X-Mas Dinner with Mester

Friday, December 17th, 2010

The time has come…. Like every year, Ramon our boss from Mester invited all students, teachers and office stuff for a traditional christmas dinner!

We are going to miss Natalia & Karin soooo much

This is the menu:

Typical Spanish dinner

Cod, ice cream with nuts and dried meat were the most valued dishes

It will take place this evening at 9 pm in Mater Asturias!

It is a great opportunity having a last dinner with all friends from school before our 2 weeks christmas holidays will start. After studing and working a lot everybody can now enjoy her/his freetime without thinking about duties.

The Christmas dinner

waiting for the Holidays

For all invited people will be available a great three course meal as well as wine… Let us all together enjoy our dinner!

See you soon!

¡Que aproveche!

Students of Spanish, churros & courses

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Every Tuesday our Spanish school offers the most typical Spanish breakfast which is called “chocolate con churros” to it’s students.

Churros are made with oil, water, butter, salt, flour, eggs and sugar. You have to eat them as soon as they are made while they are still warm. The best way is dipping them into the hot, thick dark chocolate for enjoying the best taste ever…

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Paz versus Natalia... Who wins?

Usually, everyone loves churros no matter which age the persons are.

Old people enjoy them at churros bars in the morning for breakfast as young people in the morning on their way home after party.  This is a very good way of communication…

Find more pictures about the churros in our Spanish school in our flickr album of the courses!

Make and play your radio speaker course!

Monday, November 8th, 2010

In our Spanish school you are going to learn not only as much Spanish as possible, but we also make it possible for you to learn things which will be helpful for your job and your future. Learn Spanish in our school to improve your language skills as well as your knowledge about Spanish culture.

If you want to do the radio course, apply at reception desk before 17th November

Learning Radio with your Spanish course

The proof for it is our radio workshop which took place two weeks ago at our Spanish School

Many thanks to Daniel and Radio Espacio., They left us the complete radio program from Mester students at our disposal, which was broadcasted at frequency 89.5 fm on 27th October.

Now you can enjoy it if you click in the play button.