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Saving Hearts With Mester

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Mester is now officially a Gold Member of the European Resuscitation council!

Mester bringing hearts together

Mester bringing hearts together


European Resuscitation Council´s Defibrilator Locator App

After much hard work, Mester is now part of a global initiative, and has 8 qualified staff members as Cardio protective agents, fully trained in how to revitalise and how to use the defibrillator.

Sudden death is the main term used for heart failures that happen unexpectedly; at least 90% of sudden deaths are caused by cardiovascular problems.

At least one defibrillator is needed for 1000 people, and at least 8 people qualified in one location.

Locations with defibrillators can be shown through the Android App ´De todo Corazon´, where Mester will also show up amongst many other locations.

So if you want to learn Spanish at a school that has a wide range of Spanish courses
and levels, and that is also Cardioprotected, book now at our Spanish School.



Spain defends its title in European Basketball Championship

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Juan Carlos Navarro, the star of the gala, led Spain to win its second European basketball championship in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Calderon offers the cup to the Spanish fans

Calderon offers the cup to the Spanish fans

Navarro achieved 27 points for his Spanish team, followed by Pau Gasol (Los Angels Lakers) and Jose Calderon (Toronto Raptors) with each 17 points, then Rudy Fernandez (Memphies Grizzlies) with 14 and Marc Gasol with 11 points (also Memphies Grizzlies).
“It’s a very sweet moment for Spanish basketball,” the Los Angeles Lakers star Pau Gasol said.

Another important player was Serge Ibaka, who had five blocks in a really short time. He said: “This was my destiny and I have achieved my dream. It is my first year with the team and look! Yes sir, five blocks, that’s right man.”

Spain took control early and they could hold it almost continously. “No doubt it was the best team,” France coach Vincent Collet said. “We tried, for a long time we were not far but not very close either. Every time we got close they found a solution. When you lose to a better team, there is not much to say.” So of course the Spain coach Sergio Scariolo was really proud of his team, which kept its nerve all the time.

As well the NBA star of the French team, Parker, had to admit:: “That’s where we want to be as a team. They’ve been together for more than six years and it makes a huge difference. … I know what it’s like after winning three titles with the San Antonio Spurs.”

Furthermore, the Spanish top scorer Navarro earned the honor to be elected the Most Valuable Player of the tournament. It´s more than obvious that the Spanish players are not only successful in the Spanish league (ACB – Asociación de Clubs de Baloncesto) and Europe, but also in the whole world.  Here begins the ÑBA

"La bomba" Navarro kisses the European Cup

"La bomba" Navarro - Captain of the Spanish Team


They´re looking forward to the Olympic Games and we keep our fingers crossed for it.

Salamanca-Avenida, European Champions!

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Congratulations to the femal Spanish basketball team! Halcón Avenida won for the first time Euroleague, the most important competition in Europe. The girls did it with a good 68:59 against Spartak Moscow in Yekateringburg, Russia.

Salamanca Halcon Avenida European Champions

Lucas Mondelo, trainer of the team recognized once more the team spirit of his girls against Spartak which they already defeated in the league before the finals. So they had a lot of fighting spirit to do it again.

Beeing successfull in the Euroleague is incredible. Now all are very excited about the arrival in their own city, Salamanca. Everyone is going to celebrate her title as long as possible….

Today the Halcón Avenida arrived in Madrid, had a great dinner in a well known restaurant there and are right on their way home.

In the afternoon our Champions gonna arrive at Canalejas where they will receive the first honor. The girls are expected at 19:30 at townhall and at 20:00 at the balcony for congratulations and party with all Salmantinos. It’s going to be a overcrowded Plaza Mayor.

We are very proud of our Salamanca Halcón Avenida!!!

Quick guide for learning how to taste wines 2

Friday, February 25th, 2011

1. Examine its appearance

Examine wine

To get an idea of the colour and other visual aspects of the wine it is best to use a white background (e.g. plate or tablecloth) and hold the glass of wine in front of it.

Brighter and more brilliant colours indicate that these are young wines. The darker the colours, the more aged the wines are.

2. Appreciate its aroma

Apreciate Aroma

Swirl the glass of wine to release the components that make up a wine’s aroma. Fruity and floral aromas are typical for young wines. More spicy (e.g. cinnamon), balsamic (e.g. peppermint) and woody aromas are indicators of aged wines.

3. Enjoy the taste

Taste the wine

A little taste is enough to enjoy the different flavours. Sweetness is tasted on the tip of your tongue, acidity at the sides of the tongue and the inside of your cheeks, salty on either sites of the front of your tongue and bitterness in the central of your tongue.
Common terms that are used to describe the wine are the following:

• Fruity
• Velvety
• Warm
• Astringent
• Mild
• Light, medium or full body
• Fresh
• Persistent
• Short or long finish
• Dry


White wine

Rose wine

Red wine


Straw Bellow

Pale Pink


We wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS & happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Los reyes Magos

On 24th December we are having a great dinner with the whole family, doing some games at home and enjoing a great party night which lasts most untill sunrise… Most typical plate for x-mas includs sea food, king prawns, lobsters and almonds. And not to forget the sweets like Turrón, Polvorón, Mazapan and Roscón de Reyes. It’s similar to stirred cake with candied fruit and 2 presents inside like ceramic figure and a bean. The one who find it (bean) has to pay the cake for all guests. 😉

Epiphany (Los Reyes Magos, 6th January) is also a very special day in Spain, because it’s presents day! Los Reyes Magos are bringing x-mas presents during the night before to the children which works like Santa Claus. A few weeks prior the kids are ‘sending’ them a list of wishes and can’t wait for that night/day.

Another important custom is Christmas Lottery which take place some weeks before and is the ‘most important’ in Spain. Lottery drawing is on 22th December. It costs round 20 €.

The same goes with New Year’s Eve…. As a lot of our actual students know there exists the only original ‘Nochevieja Universitaria’ in Salamanca which always take place the last thursday before x-mas. It is nearly working like real New Year’s Eve on 30th December, but because of less students in town and the need of a farewell party from students they invented it.

Spanish dinner

Since a few years there is a big party at Plaza Mayor with thousands of students, bands from Salamanca, typical chimes at 12 and not to forget the most important: eating 12 jelly babies during bell-ringing, standing for good luck for the following year (12 grapes at 30th December)!
After it the party is going on in most bars from Salamanca till the early morning…. Furthermore it works like a big reunion for all ‘old’ Erasmus students and it is a great reason for coming back again!

And last but not least we are relaxing some more days… So enjoy your days at home, let’s have a great HAPPY NEW YEAR and dont forget to sleep a bit for beeing ready when school starts again on 3rd January 2011!

¡Nos vemos pronto!