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Enjoy yourself studying Spanish in a unique city with Mester

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain and ideally situated between Portugal and Madrid, Salamanca, being a crucial cultural and historical center, is a delightful place to stay.


Plaza Mayor

Driving around the local area, you can’t miss the impressive cathedral which dominates the city. If you take a walk by the river which runs through Salamanca, you will get a really great view of the cathedral in a peaceful atmosphere by the water. You can explore every corner of the city as almost all landmarks are reachable on foot. Every direction you turn there is something new to discover.

 view of the cathedrals from the river

the view of the cathedrals from the riverside

New language, new habits, new culture; mix your time abroad with studying at Mester


You may be surprised by the easy-going nature of the Spanish people. If you’ve never been to Spain before you will notice people are rarely in a rush, making you, in turn, feel more relaxed. You will be struck by the hospitality of the local people and the pleasant atmosphere of this lovely little city. From the very first moment you will be truly charmed.

               Mixing your time abroad with studying at Mester is an experience which will immerse you in Spanish language as well as culture.

Quality Spanish courses for all levels

Mester offers quality Spanish classes to people of all language levels and there is flexibility in organizing your weekly timetable. Mester also offers official qualifications such as the DELE (Preparation for the diploma of Spanish as foreign language), CAMA (Preparation for the diploma of Business Spanish) and SUPE (Training for Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language) exams.

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       Variety of activities

There are a lot of activities available to students to take part in alongside their language course, such as traditional Spanish dancing, tapas tours and conferences on spanish literature, arts and history. Mester also organizes trips to other cities like Segovia, Avila and Madrid, so you will never get bored.

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    Nightlife in Salamanca

Perhaps Salamanca’s most attractive feature is its vibrant nightlife. The city of Salamanca is full of life and often filled with young people seeking an exciting stay abroad. What’s more, it is very easy to meet new people as there is a large number of foreign students living in the city year after year. The city center is a great meeting place and many people choose to meet in the Plaza Mayor which is at the heart of Salamanca. Many bars are located in the central area around the Plaza, so it’s easy to move around.


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An affordable city

 For those who are traveling to Salamanca from big cities and are used to thrifty spending on day to day necessities, Salamanca is an extremely affordable city, so you will enjoy yourself to the fullest. For example, you can taste the local tapas and beer for just a couple of euros.

You won’t regret making the journey to Salamanca and will probably find yourself itching to return.





Spanish School Newsletter! October 2009 | Salamanca

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
Enjoy Your Spanish typical dinner

Enjoy Your Spanish typical dinner

Now You can download the cultural program of our school. All the activities like conferences, escursions, films, salsa and sevillanas courses, cookery class and of course all the dinners and tapas tour!
Salamanca October 09 Newsletter