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Written by Admin on November 10th, 2008

Take a look at the information on the group trips to learn Spanish in Salamanca we run, it includes information on the different activities and different types of accomodation we can offer. Click here to find out more!

At Mester we have a huge number of students of all different nationalities, many of which arrive in Spain for a short stay either alone or with friends to get to know the Spanish way of life and to improve their Spanish. During their stay they participate in the scheduled activities and they mix with the other students at the school, being able to combine their choice of accomodation and school in Spain’s beautiful city of  Salamanca.

Enjoying the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca

Another way of working with us is organising a group trip from either your school or university abroad. In this case Mester can oganise your trip so that it is unforgettable and rewarding; We will organise your trip according to your needs and objectives, we will even organise your airport transfer to Salamanca. Our standard courses consist of 20 classes a week, the content of which can be organised partially or totally by our teaching staff, by yourself or by the members of staff accompanying the group, it’s your choice. The timetable and amount of classes each week can be agreed upon and you will have access to a huge amount of didactic material, large classrooms and audiovisual material complete with computers and projection equipment.

You can choose between the different types of accomodation, the most popular of which are Family Stays (very important for your progress), Halls of Residence and for over 18s we have Private Student Flats and Shared Apartments. Combining your trip between the different schools is one of the best ways of combining tourism and learning in one trip.

The activities can be a main focus of choosing a group trip, and we organise personalised programs for each group, organised and agreed between Mester and the trip leader. The program can be made up of any of the activities that Mester offers, with a timetable compatible with the Spanish course, and we can facilitate the privacy of the group, that is to say your students can be the only ones to participate in the agreed activity if this is preferred.

We can also mix the students with the rest of the Mester students during classes, in the accomodation and during the activities, at the discretion of the group leader.

In any case, with group programs Mester is fully open to adapt itself to your needs, and we would be delighted to negociate any request or need particular to your group. Please contact us using this form with any queries you might have or check the program example:

Salamanca Program Example

Group Budget Form

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  1. amina says:

    i’m a student from algeria i love to study spanish because it’s very important for me and i need somebody to teach me i will passe my baccaloréat in jun.

  2. Admin says:

    You can start to learn Spanish on our website, Learn Spanish Online.

  3. itsuko e. fraticelli says:

    I am a retired female, 68 years old and very interested in learning Spanish in Spain. What’s the age limit for this program?

  4. Admin says:

    In our School We do not have an age limit to study Spanish! We think that it’s never too late to start to learn Spanish.
    We have only one condition to enjoy the Group Programs is that you need to come with ten people or more.
    Last week a Group from Holland were here and They were not “young people”. :) You can read some about it here:
    Dutch Spanish-Language Group Trip to Salamanca

    More info about Groups Programs (English), Programmi per gruppi (Italian), Programa para Grupos (Spanish)

    You can ask here, all you want! Thanks for your comments

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