Salamanca in the snow!

Written by Admin on January 30th, 2009

Over Christmas Spain had loads of snow, and Salamanca too!
Each week we take a guided trip around the city to show you the best bits, going past the Plaza Mayor and the University of Salamanca amongst other things. This week the trip was a white one, have a look at some photos and read a bit about the guided tour by clicking here!

Salamanca in the snow

This Christmas Spain had loads of snow all over December (and there’s still some falling now!), and Salamanca was no exception.

Anaya in the snow

Anaya in the snow

Elisa took the students on a guided trip around the city to see the sights the morning after a huge snowfall, the city was white! They started at the school and headed down towards the Cathedral stopping off at the main sights on route.

The first pretty square between here and there is the Plaza de la Libertad, normally a lovely green square with nices cafés and restaurants next to the Plaza Mayor, but the day of the trip it was completely white and sparkly! It has some nicer cafés for those who fancy a posh coffee! The next stop is the Plaza Mayor which is right next door. Sadly the christmas tree still wasn’t up but at least it was all snowed over and the christmas lights on the buildings were up.

Veronika and Elisa by the Cathedral

Veronika and Elisa by the Cathedral

Further up the road the next stop is the Casa de Las Conchas, a really nice building covered in shells right next to the Universidad Pontifícia, the religious university which has a really pretty cathedral. Incide Las Conchas there’s a small square where you can go in and have a look, from the upstairs balcony there’s a really pretty view of the top of the Pontifícia.

Just arond the corner there’s the Calle Libreros where the Patio Escuelas is, with the famous University front and the frog! It was even prettier covered in snow and they even made a snowman in the little square!! The trick is to find the frog without being told where it is…

The Cathedral

The Cathedral

This is right next to the Palacio de Anaya, the Filology Faculty of the University and a really old and pretty building, and the Cathedral where the trip ends. The Cathedral is enormous and is actually made up of 2 cathedrals! There’s an older small one with a huge newer cathedral attached, it’s really impressive and well worth a visit. Because of the snow, though, everyone was more interested in playing in Plaza Anaya and attacking each other with snow balls! It was a great day to do the trip around the city and they were lucky with the weather, it’s not often the city is so cold and white!


The group in the Plaza Mayor

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