Saving Hearts With Mester

Written by Admin on July 22nd, 2015

Mester has now collaborated with the European Resuscitation Council, and now has 8 cardiac protective agents among their staff. This programme aims to decrease the sudden death rate, by expanding to more defibrillator locations, which can all be easily tracked through the Google Map App.

Mester is now officially a Gold Member of the European Resuscitation council!

Mester bringing hearts together

Mester bringing hearts together


European Resuscitation Council´s Defibrilator Locator App

After much hard work, Mester is now part of a global initiative, and has 8 qualified staff members as Cardio protective agents, fully trained in how to revitalise and how to use the defibrillator.

Sudden death is the main term used for heart failures that happen unexpectedly; at least 90% of sudden deaths are caused by cardiovascular problems.

At least one defibrillator is needed for 1000 people, and at least 8 people qualified in one location.

Locations with defibrillators can be shown through the Android App ´De todo Corazon´, where Mester will also show up amongst many other locations.

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