Quick guide for learning how to taste wines

Written by Admin on January 18th, 2011

Quick guide for learning how to taste wines

There are more than 190 varieties of grapes which are cultivated in Spain. The most used are:

  • For red wines:  Tempranillo, Garnacha, Monastrell.
  • For white wines:  Airén, Albariño, Verdejo.
  • For champagne:  Macabeo, Xarello, Parellada.
  • For fine wines: Palomino
  • For sweet wines: Moscatel, Pedro Ximénez

We have welcomed to our school a group of 20 professionals from the catering sector one week ago. Young people from all around the world have come to Spain to participate for 9 months in the “Training program for young professionals. Foreigners within spanish gastronomy.”, which is organized by Mester Academy and ICEX Institute (Spanish Foreign Trade Institute).

For 3 weeks these young professional chefs are attending to a specific course about gastronomy, catering, spanish grammar and vocabulary. After the course, during the afternoon, the group participates in different activities such as visiting traditional ovens, the High School Catering or, as well as last Tuesday, the wine tasting in the Tavern “Doctrinos”.  Each person could taste 4 different types of wine, one of them could be white. In addition, students have tried some of the typical Spanish specialities like cheese, chorizo (kind of sausage), salchichón (another type of sausage) or morcón (type of chorizo).

We all together spent a funny night in a good atmosphere, tasting good food and better  wine. J

After these 3 weeks in Salamanca, the attendants to our course will go to different parts of Spain in order to work and learn with the best and known Spanish chefs.

We hope they enjoy the experience and have fun during the stay between us!

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