See Real Madrid vs Ajax Live, during your Spanish course

Written by Admin on September 29th, 2011

European Cup
Our school arranged a bus trip to Madrid for the group from Carlos Sánchez.
A lot of the regular students also take part, which are fans from Real Madrid.

Students in Bernabeu

Coming to Spain is a great opportunity to discover a whole new world. You will enjoy every single detail you come across, and  if you’re a football fan, you will have the chance to see some of the best international football players in action, or as Jose Mourinho says, “Top Players”. Amongst them, Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, David Villa, Falcao, Iker Casillas, Kaká, Xavi  and many more.

Real Madrid and Ajax are two of the most historical football clubs in Europe. One just need to take a look at their museums to check their brilliant careers throughout the years. National titles, European trophies, legendary players, a continuous source for both national teams, Holland and Spain….. Considering these statements we were obviously attending one of the most exciting games one could see nowadays. And though the situation of both teams is quite different at the moment, the match was worth attending in order to see a perfect description of what they both represent at the moment.

Champion League in Spain

Champion League in Spain

The “giant” Real Madrid , full of stars and clash players, showing their huge skills through a perfect effectiveness. The same as the boxer with a “killing” punch who just need to wait for the right moment to knock his opponent out. On the other hand, Ajax, the great continuous pretender, with very skilful players who really know what to do with the ball, but lacking the most important thing: scoring. Ajax enjoyed the ball for a longer time and prowled the target in several times.  But Real Madrid, despite his momentary passiveness, knew how to deal with the “tempo” of the match  at all times, and thanks to the best goalkeeper in the world at the moment, Iker Casillas, was able to break  all Ajax chances to get into the game.

Final score: 3 – 0 for Real. Ronaldo, Kaka and Benzema scored the three goals which sealed a great match full of excitement and good football. Now it’s time to disconnect from the Champions League for a while and come back to the Spanish BBVA league. Next match: R.C.D. Espanyol – Real Madrid in Barcelona. And remember you’re always welcome to visit the Spanish stadiums and enjoy the best league in the world of football!!!

This is Bernabeu, Cristiano, Casillas and Alonso

Don't forget this name, Carlos Sanchez, the future of Real Madrid

Don’t forget this name, Carlos Sanchez, the future of Real Madrid

Our school arranged a bus trip to Madrid in order to see the football match. The students were very happy to take part in this amazing trip and They enjoyed the great atmosphere of the spanish stadium.

Some of the students even were fans of the Spanish famous football team.  It was a great opportunity for them because they could see the spanish football stars like Christiano Ronaldo, Casillas, Kaká or Xavi Alonso.

The students enjoyed the champions-league match between Real Madrid and Ajax de Amsterdam and of course the atmosphere in the stadium.



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