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Radio workshop in Salamanca: speaking for listening

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Professional radio station ‘Radio Espacio’ came to our School for a new project.

Starting the radio Workshop

Passion creates radio:

The feeling of preparing a radio programm melts our team with our heart and its strength, pronounced through our voice.

Mester, a well known language school for foreigners in Spain and Radio Espacio realized a lively project for its students with a professional radio station. Target group for the radio station was a group of foreigners which are most interested in to get to know background knowledge of the work from radio.

First they got to know how radio works from its first steps from birth, basic knowledge of broadcasting union to engineering department and infrastructure for beeing prepared for the workshop during their Spanish studies.

After it the group did a guided tour at ‘Museo del Comercio’ with all its nostalgic radios from ‘Augustín de Castro’. They discovered ‘the voices from yesterday’ who were essential wittnessers of our history. Another part was to get to know the actual radio from Spain. It combines a potention vision for the future in radio which is fortunately very complimentary.

Visiting the radio exhibition of Agustín de Castro

Doing a interview

In the end expected values of the students were very strong with lots of emotions for brightening the radio. We started to work out our own program for radio transmission. This will be an unforgettable experience for the participants, because its their first time beeing heard in whole Spain.

No one will be able to remove that memories of the students who joined the workshop and did a radio broadcast on their own. We could see the proudness after the work was done as well as certainness and satisfaction because of knowing that everybody is going to listen to it.

Creaters of the group are: Lina (upcoming student for law and psychology), Nan (ambassador and cicerone from China), Zong (publicist), Lee (language teacher), Amaryllis (organizer for cultural program), Andrea (upcoming Spanish teacher) as well as Daniel as leader from Radio Espacio and Francisco for the technical part.

Do you want to try some “tapas”?

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Jamón Serrano

As part of our cultural program every week we take a trip to some of the various bars and cafés in the town in which you are studying, where you’ll have a chance to sample some of the most delicious food on offer. This is usually typical to the region and tapas reflect the traditions of each area of Spain.
Tapas are a huge Spanish custom and a big part of the social life. They are small snack foods served with coffee, refreshments, beer or wine in the bars and cafés. It’s a great trip for getting to know some of the new students each week and sampling the local food.

Salamanca, Tapas Tour

In Salamanca the Tapas tour is running during November every Tuesday and is 7 euros. See the latest issue of La Voz for information. We even offer weekly cookery classes to show you how to make some of the traditional tapas we taste on the weekly trip!

Spanish School Newsletter (Salamanca, October 2008)

Friday, October 17th, 2008

We plan our cultural program with a lot of activities to practice your Spanish in your free time. The majority of this extra curricular activities are free or low cost.

You will get to know the rest of the students and practising Spanish.
Detailed information is available in La Voz, Mester´s own School newsletter.

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