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Spain a source of World Cultural Heritage

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

16th november 2010 was a historical date for Andalusia. Flamenco is now part of the latest list of World Cultural Heritage from UNESCO.

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After the first fail in 2005 flamenco startet it’s candidature again in 2009 where it registered in Paris. In January Spain lounched its campaign ‘Flamenco Soy’ in cooperation with the Spanish government and agreement of Murcia and Extremadura as well as assistant from artists and private persons.

It involves a new event, declaration of flamenco. Who has the intellectual property of culture for giving recommendations which sounds a bit perverse. Heritage initiatives like this are the reason why we are full of happiness, because it makes clear that institutions are behind the heart.

In addition last tuesday UNESCO announced designation of mediterranean diet as world cultural heritage in Nairaobi. The reality is that this type of food is a better way of life but it doesn’t mean that it’s the best type of diet which is used in whole Spain as well as Greece, Italy, Morocco.

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Though, in order to feel healthy, we cannot just focus on the quality of the products we consume, but also on the quality of our daily habits. One of the best possible combinations is that mixing a healthy diet with the regular practice of any physical activity.

We strongly recommend you Salsa and Flamenco dancing. Fortunately, you can enjoy both in our spanish school, so you’ll be able to check how Mediterranean diet perfectly fits with music with the best of the results for your health and lifestyle.

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The diet is calculated by dividing the energy from typical Mediterranean foods between the energy supplied by traditional meals not included in this type of food such as meat, milk, margarine, vegetable oils other than olive or sugary soft drinks, among others. Spain ranks fourth in terms of more jobs lost, behind Greece, Albania and Turkey.

Dieta Mediterranea

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Amongst our range of Spanish courses, you can find the hotel management spanish course, where you will discover the essence of our Mediterranean diet in a funny way.

A doctor from Minnesota noted in his study of the seven countries that the inhabitants of Crete (Greece) died less from cancer and cardiovascular disease than in other parts of the world. According to magazine ‘Public Health Nutrition‘ the mediterranean countries are the most departet from this diet. The diet is healthy, but there aren’t a lot of people following it.