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Teaching with new multimedia technology and digital boards

Monday, June 14th, 2010


At Mester Academy we strive to stay at the cutting edge of teaching, employing the latest technologies and teaching methods to ensure our Spanish students are given the best classes they can be given.

One of  our most recent advances at the Academy is the installation of a number of digital boards in the classrooms. These teaching aids provide the teachers with a larger selection of resources than  ever before, guaranteeing the classes are as dynamic and interesting as possible.

Incredibly easy to use and set up, the boards can be calibrated and made ready to use within a couple of minutes.  A “pencil”, which works the same way as a PC mouse, is used when setting the board up: it marks out the 9 points between which the images will be projected and then later, writes or “clicks” on the options of whatever programme is chosen by the user.   The movements of the pencil are detected by device fitted in the corner of the board and the image comes from a projector.  These are the only three pieces which comprise the board, making it ideal for quick set-up and storage.

The elements of the digital board

Standard Uses

The applications are many and varied.  From Internet to Spotify to all the usual Office applications, the boards can even be used as a normal PC.  This enormous range of uses benefits both the students, who enjoy the classes more given the interaction aspect the boards add to the lessons, and the teachers, to who the boards give the opportunity to keep their lessons fresh and interesting. What is more, the teachers are able to save the classes given, as though the board was a usual PC, and so come back to them in the future or pass what’s been dealt with in class on to the students for home-study.

Different uses of the digital board

Other Uses

Examples of novel uses include the download of modern Spanish songs to exemplify a certain verb tense, style of vocabulary or syntactic use, the projection of recent newspaper articles for class discussion and the showing of film clips as a means to show students anything from “real Spanish life” to interaction and dialogue between native speakers.

The many ways in which the board can be used


The installation of these boards is evidence of the Mester Academy’s dedication to teaching, something to bear in mind when picking a Spanish school in Spain.  The opportunities for interaction which the board promotes ensure the students will be using, as well as studying, their new found language skills every single day – the only way to consolidate and accelerate foreign language learning.