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Make and play your radio speaker course!

Monday, November 8th, 2010

In our Spanish school you are going to learn not only as much Spanish as possible, but we also make it possible for you to learn things which will be helpful for your job and your future. Learn Spanish in our school to improve your language skills as well as your knowledge about Spanish culture.

If you want to do the radio course, apply at reception desk before 17th November

Learning Radio with your Spanish course

The proof for it is our radio workshop which took place two weeks ago at our Spanish School

Many thanks to Daniel and Radio Espacio., They left us the complete radio program from Mester students at our disposal, which was broadcasted at frequency 89.5 fm on 27th October.

Now you can enjoy it if you click in the play button.

Radio workshop in Salamanca: speaking for listening

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Professional radio station ‘Radio Espacio’ came to our School for a new project.

Starting the radio Workshop

Passion creates radio:

The feeling of preparing a radio programm melts our team with our heart and its strength, pronounced through our voice.

Mester, a well known language school for foreigners in Spain and Radio Espacio realized a lively project for its students with a professional radio station. Target group for the radio station was a group of foreigners which are most interested in to get to know background knowledge of the work from radio.

First they got to know how radio works from its first steps from birth, basic knowledge of broadcasting union to engineering department and infrastructure for beeing prepared for the workshop during their Spanish studies.

After it the group did a guided tour at ‘Museo del Comercio’ with all its nostalgic radios from ‘Augustín de Castro’. They discovered ‘the voices from yesterday’ who were essential wittnessers of our history. Another part was to get to know the actual radio from Spain. It combines a potention vision for the future in radio which is fortunately very complimentary.

Visiting the radio exhibition of Agustín de Castro

Doing a interview

In the end expected values of the students were very strong with lots of emotions for brightening the radio. We started to work out our own program for radio transmission. This will be an unforgettable experience for the participants, because its their first time beeing heard in whole Spain.

No one will be able to remove that memories of the students who joined the workshop and did a radio broadcast on their own. We could see the proudness after the work was done as well as certainness and satisfaction because of knowing that everybody is going to listen to it.

Creaters of the group are: Lina (upcoming student for law and psychology), Nan (ambassador and cicerone from China), Zong (publicist), Lee (language teacher), Amaryllis (organizer for cultural program), Andrea (upcoming Spanish teacher) as well as Daniel as leader from Radio Espacio and Francisco for the technical part.

The Spanish national soccer team in Salamanca

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Cazorla and Marchena; battle for the ball

Since the national futbol team of Spain won the World Cup finals of South Africa Salamanca hasn’t stopped to cheer his most famous inhabitant.

He was named as citizen of honour of Salamanca City, he received a diamond medal from ‘Unión Deportiva Salamanca’ were Del Bosque started his futbol carreer, as well as gold medal of the province, the most important award from district councillor.

Last friday he got the most warmest welcome with lots of cheers of his ‘Salmantinos’ along with his national team at Helmántico stadium.

At ‘Fondo Sur’ appeared a huge poster with ‘Gracias Vicente’ as proof of love from his biggest fans. They strongly supported our national team against Lithuania with lots of cheers and shouts of ‘Vicente, Vicente’ leaded to 3:1 result for Spain. And don’t forget famous Mexican wave.

Spanish goalkeepers

Reina (Liverpool), Iker (Real Madrid) and Valdes (Barcelona) Who is our best goalkeeper?

Our school also wanted to support Spains national team and took part of one of the trainings one day before the match against Lithuania.

The students really enjoyed that day with lots of fun and taking lots of pics of our national team. Have a look on our facebook gallery for them.

Spanish Team

A view of our soccer team!

Incredible! Spanish national team visited Salamanca! They carried also FIFA Cup 2010 and the match against Lithuania with a 3:1 result done by Llorente and Silva took place in full house Helmántico as well as full house training, where our students took part in.

Spanish School Newsletter! October 2009 | Salamanca

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
Enjoy Your Spanish typical dinner

Enjoy Your Spanish typical dinner

Now You can download the cultural program of our school. All the activities like conferences, escursions, films, salsa and sevillanas courses, cookery class and of course all the dinners and tapas tour!
Salamanca October 09 Newsletter

Antique Photos of Salamanca

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Salamanca hasn’t always been a modern city and was always a typical beautiful Spanish city!!

We have some old photos of Salamanca for you to see how it was hundreds of years ago, interesting for those of you who know the city and those who don’t too!

Salamanca as seen from across the Río Tormes

Salamanca as seen from across the Río Tormes

This picture shows the city in black and white as seen across the River Tormes abut 100 years ago! The view hasn’t changed too much as the Cathedral has stayed the same! The big difference is that the new bridge crossing the River still isn’t bult!

The Plaza de Toros

The Plaza de Toros

In this photo you can see the Plaza de los Toros, the Bullring in Salamanca, that’s still there today. There are still bullfights in the Plaza, although not as many as before! Well worth a visit to the building, even if you don’t watch a fight. It’s about 15 minutes walking from the Main Sqaure, pretty close to the centre.

Plaza Colón

Plaza Colón

The Plaza de Colón is a small square on the road Calle San Pablo leading away from the Main Square down towards the river. The square is named after Christopher Columbus, Cristobel Colón, who has a statue there in the square! The square is still fairly green and very pretty, the perfect place to have a break when wandering around Salamanca!!

The Patio de Las Escuelas is a square in front of the Famous University Facade

Patio de Escuelas

Patio de Escuelas

with the frog! The buildings around the square are all the main important buildings of the University of Salamanca where all the main offices are, the classes for Courses for International Students that the University offers!! It’s right in the centre by the Cathedral. The statue in the middle still stands, but without the railings around it. The doorway right at the back on the left, the smaller doorway in the corner, leads to a beautiful green patio of the University. All around there are museums for you to find out about the University and the history of Salamanca.

Salamanca from across the River

Salamanca from across the River

The city can be seen here from across the river like in the first photo. Even when they invented cars the normal people of Salamanca were still going around on donkeys, “burros”!!

For more modern pictures of Salamanca you can have a look at our new photo gallery on the Spanish Language School website, have a look and compare how the city was and how it is today!