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The week program-Architecture in Sevilla

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

This is a unique opportunity to see and learn more about the beautiful architecture of Sevilla. Everybody can enjoy a free pass with a guide to see the most remarkable buildings, which are not to be seen for a large audience in the rest of the year.

Cathedral of Seville

The beautiful Central Tower as seen from the gardens in the Cathedral of Seville.

To have a free visit with a guide make a reservation calling at this number: +34954460120

the schedule to visit the buildings is:

The Salvador Church (Iglesia del Salvador): Monday 5. From 12 o clock till 14 o clock.

The Arzobispal Palace (Palacio Arzobispal): Monday 5. from 16 o clock till 20 o clock.

The Abengoa Headquarter (Sede de Abengoa): Tuesday 6. from 10 o clock till 14 o clock.

The Andalucia Parliament (Parlamento de Andalucía): Tuesday 6. From 14 o clock till 16 o clock.

The Portugal Pavilion (Pabellón de Portugal): Wednesday 7. From 10 o clock till 14 o clock.

The Pinelo House (Casa de los Pinelo): Wednesday 7. From 17 o clock till 20 o clock.

The Sevilla Town Hall ( Ayuntamiento de Sevilla ): Thursday 8. From 10 o clock till 14 o clock.

The San Luis Church ( Iglesia de San Luis ): Thursday 8. From 16 o clock till 20 o clock.

If You study in Sevilla do not miss this opportunity! Only this week!

New Mester Videos Online of Spanish Inmerssion

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Four Spains (Part 1) Learn Spanish
Our students talk about their Spanish Course and our teachers.

Four Spains (Part 2) Tapas Tour
Tapas are small snack foods served with coffee, soda, beer, wine or other drinks and add a new dimension to your understanding of Spanish hospitality and social life.

Four Spains (Part 3) Dance Lessons
Every week we offer dance classes of Salsa and Sevillanas. Salsa in Salamanca

Four Spains (Part 4) Excursions
Mester´s excursion program takes students off to visit the rich tapestry of towns and cities dotted all over Spain.We guarantee that these excursions will make your visit to Spain one that you will never forget.