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Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Every Tuesday our Spanish school offers the most typical Spanish breakfast which is called “chocolate con churros” to it’s students.

Churros are made with oil, water, butter, salt, flour, eggs and sugar. You have to eat them as soon as they are made while they are still warm. The best way is dipping them into the hot, thick dark chocolate for enjoying the best taste ever…

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Paz versus Natalia... Who wins?

Usually, everyone loves churros no matter which age the persons are.

Old people enjoy them at churros bars in the morning for breakfast as young people in the morning on their way home after party.  This is a very good way of communication…

Find more pictures about the churros in our Spanish school in our flickr album of the courses!

Make and play your radio speaker course!

Monday, November 8th, 2010

In our Spanish school you are going to learn not only as much Spanish as possible, but we also make it possible for you to learn things which will be helpful for your job and your future. Learn Spanish in our school to improve your language skills as well as your knowledge about Spanish culture.

If you want to do the radio course, apply at reception desk before 17th November

Learning Radio with your Spanish course

The proof for it is our radio workshop which took place two weeks ago at our Spanish School

Many thanks to Daniel and Radio Espacio., They left us the complete radio program from Mester students at our disposal, which was broadcasted at frequency 89.5 fm on 27th October.

Now you can enjoy it if you click in the play button.